This is the blog of honey bunny.

Dec. 19
hewwooooo hruuu are you guys im doing ok i have exams this week for school its stressful but i will survive i hope but im so excited for winter break because i might go to fsome of my friends house and see my boyfrienddd this break im so excited we might go watch movies and chill i love him soooo muchhh hes the greatest anyways i hope you guys are doing goood baiiiiiiii Dec. 18
hello guys hruuu im goood i had a good weekend i went to a chirstmas party it was good my boyfriend was there and it made it better we had pizza watched a movie and played games there was only 5 of us it was chill and than after i called my boyfriend it was fun we talked about embarrsing stories we did has a kid it was funny i love himm sooo much we talked for hours that night and the next night it was fun ok anyways baiiiiiiiiii Dec. 11
hewwwoooo guyssssssss im soo happy because im excited to give my chirstmas gifts to people and my noyfriend will love his i just know anyways how are you guys im doing great okiiiii baaiiiii Dec. 7
heelooo guyys hruu im good except my byfriend is a little sad but he just wanted to be hugged so i did in chemistry we were playing with fire and my friend got some salt type thing in there hair the flames were really cool there were teal or pinks and purples flames very cool it was fun anyways talk later baiiiii Dec. 6
hewwwwwwooooooooooooo guyss im doing good today i look really nice today i did my makeup and dressed up very nicly and my boyfriend really likes my out fit he says it bring out my cruves i love him so much hes the greatest Dec. 5
helllooooooo i just want to sayyy im so in love with my boyfriendd hes so cute and so sweetttt i love him sooo muchhh he means a lot to me and he very special to meeee i want to marrriee himmm Dec. 5
hello guys im new so im just saying hi and whats your favorite color i like pink whats your favorite food i like boba or mochi okiiii byeeeeeee